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Correct Your Dog’s Chewing Problem As Early As Possible With This Toy!

Do you sometimes come home to find some unexpected damage on your furniture inflicted by your dog? Solve your pet's biting problem with our Interactive Dog Chew Toy!

Chewing is a dogs' natural way of keeping their jaws strong and teeth clean. It also combats boredom and can relieve mild anxiety or frustration, but this shouldn’t result in destroying things at home. With this Interactive Dog Chew Toy, you can fix your dog’s biting problem as they enjoy playing for hours while you can rest easy, Your things are all safe!


  • Suction Cup - This suction cup gives an adequate resistance for your dog to pull on. It can be easily attached to the floor or glass to fix the toy. It won’t budge nor move no matter how strong your dog tugs it.
  • Bouncy Ball - This ball is flexible enough to withstand the strong biting force of your dog for heavy tugging for hours.
    Sturdy Rope - Its rope is created with natural cotton fibers which make it unbreakable and prevents any backfire or kickbacks.
  • Great For Teething Pups - Teething and aggressive pups will enjoy using their energy on something other than your belongings, so you can be at peace knowing your things are safe (phew)!
  • Cleans Teeth - The ball’s unique design is created to clean your dog’s teeth and mouth as he/she bites and plays on it, thus preventing dental diseases in the future.
  • Environment-Friendly- Made with TPR and non-toxic polymer materials which are guaranteed safe for your dog to bite and use. When swallowed accidentally, they can be excreted normally.
  • Quick Install- Simply stick on a smooth surface and it’s good to go! Your dog will have no idea why it won’t come off!


  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 3.9inch x 15.7inch

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Top Reviews
Strong toy! Highly recommend!
by Valued Customer on April 09, 2021
Verified Purchase

Bought this for my new puppy because he's kind of a biter. This interactive dog chew toy really helps!

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My pug loves to play with this dog chew toy!
by Valued Customer on April 09, 2021
Verified Purchase

My dog is loving his new toy. My dog is a very aggressive chewer but he did not cause any damage to the ball. It was able to suction tight to the floor.

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Strong and durable!
by Valued Customer on April 09, 2021
Verified Purchase

I got this for my lab. She loves pull toys. Its strong and the suction cup is strong when push on the floor. I like when she is chewing on it that it's good for her teeth. she loves this toy. I have to pull it up and take it away from her where she will take a break. The cord on it stretches out far

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